LXXXVII. Żuk in Spy City

Spy City is a television miniseries created by William Boyd about spies in 1961 Berlin, during the Cold War.

Vehicles are too bright and shiny to be realistic, some of them might even be anachronic. For instance seems to me there is a green Opel Rekord A, produced in the period 1963-65, in a scene supposed to happen in 1961. But in general it is ok and, anyway, at least consistent with the era.

The general espionage ambiance felt a bit off to me, not even mentioning french secret agents that thought inconspicuous to drive a Citroën ID in Berlin. Dominic Cooper, enacting the main character, does not strike me as the the next James Bond, but what do I know, I am old fashioned.

Nonetheless, there is a Żuk parked there, in a scene with a buchanka.

That is nice. Well, obviously, said buchanka appears to me to be a UAZ-452, produced since 1965. A bit different from the UAZ-450 that existed in 1961.

A yeah, there is a Barkas B1000 also, in a March 1961 scene, vehicle actually produced only since june 1961.

There is probably a lot of other similar issues, if you look in detail and have a clue. Looks a bit like the show in general: not terrible, but approximative.

One thought on “LXXXVII. Żuk in Spy City

  1. I hadn’t heard of this TV series, but I will check it out thanks to your article. I thought you were going to end with the Chernobyl phrase…. “Not great, not terrible” 😂. Anyway, it will be nice to see a show in a time without Covid19!

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