LXXXV. Starting the Żuk (4C90 engine) once again

You might notice that articles are not in chronological order these days: some tasks are done but need tuning/improvements, so I’d rather write them later.

Anyway, I refilled the tank and primed the fuel: pumping with the manual lever that is on the fuel pump for a while. The manual suggest opening vents of the fuel filter and of the injection pump but I forgot to do it.

At first, it did not fire: the engine was turning but nothing. And there was some smoke near the ground braid, the chassis around there being hot. I checked the batteries connections and find out one negative contact was not tight.

Once both batteries contact properly tightening, chamber properly preheated, gaz-pedal engaged, it fired with no effort at all, engine sounding round, producing no visible smoke on the exhaust (and no more ground braid heat).

I moved a bit the vehicle in the workshop, enough to confirm the gearbox works perfectly (at least in 1st and reverse), same for the brakes. I noticed though that if the gearbox support is fully screwed, I get some extra noise in neutral, which is an issue already described by Grzmiący Rydwan that is using the same Lublin rubber cushion to support the box. I’ll give more details on that in the upcoming article regarding the gearbox installation.

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