LXXXI. Adding extra sliding-window and skylight to the Żuk rear area


The skylight installation is more a matter of regulation/security than a design choice. As described in XXIV. AFNOR copyrighting the Law and Żuk A06 air vents according to regulation NF EN 721:2004, I need the following air vents:

area = max lenght x max width (m²)rooftop or upper side vents (cm²)lower vents (cm²)
5 > area  ≤ 10100 or 20015

I was not so happy about the notion of putting a skylight: cutting through the roof and creating leak-spots, increasing the vehicle height. But there is no easy way to add some 200 cm² side opening that would go along easily with the insulation, etc.

Fiamma sells skylights that seems ok. I check the Fiamma 40 (80 cm²), Fiamma 50 (150 cm²) and the Fiamma Vent F Pro (100 cm²). I finally went for the Vent F Pro, that will add around 9 cm to the vehicle height (a bit less, since it is not installed on the highest point of the roof).

Roof hole dimensions 400×400 mm
Outside dimensions 566 x 531 x h92 mm
Internal dimensions 490 x 486 x h35 mm
Inside light 344 x 344 mm
Roof thickness (min. – max.) mm. 28 – 55 mm
Permanent air flow 100 cm2
Net weight kg. 4,7 kg
Components’ colour Inner frame: RAL 9001 – Cover: Crystal

After cutting the roof with a jigsaw, a wooden frame has been made so the opening get the minimal width (28 mm).

Finally, it has been sealed with Sikaflex 221 (black) and Sikaflex 11FC (white) and attached with the provided screws: attempted, since of the screws instantly broke inside, while it not under any real stress, with no way to actually remove it cleanly. After numerous attempts, I decided to add an extra screw on the outside frame and hoped that the rest of the screws would be enough. If this skylight gets leaky, it wont be so hard to pinpoint the problem. But I’m hoping the external seals will do the job:

The final inside part will be installed later, with the ceiling. I am not optimistic about the parts that is supposed to hold it by being squizzed. Sure, it does its job alone, but maybe not so well then it has to deal with the weight of a curved ceiling.

The skylight is installed and seems ok. So once dry, I’ll probably improve the top seal, where the roof is curved, so it is sloped on the skylight side as on the opposite.

Overall, I am not impressed by the Fiamma quality. In my opinion, maybe it is just bad luck but, still, the broken screw is not acceptable (if I find the time, I think I’ll test the resistance of the extra screws).

Side sliding-window

On my model, by default, in the rear area, you only have one sliding windows on the side door. It would be a bit dark without an extra one. The opening has been done early, following the curve of the panel, before body repaint:

An extra side windows has been acquired on OLX (with new joints, and turned around so it open on the left) and a wooden frame has been done to support the sliding windows frame.

The wooden frame connect to the top, left and right side of the body shell. So it is enough to bolt it on the right and left (two bolts per side).

Finally, it is just a matter of installing the window exactly how it has been done for the others. Turns out nonetheless that it was necessary to add a bit of Sikaflex 221 to get a clean finish, as the cutting of the panel in the curve is not as consistent as it should have been.

Total cost:

okno dachowe z moskitierą Vent F Pro 40×40 Fiamma = skylight Fiamma Vent F Pro (793 zł)

uszczelka okna szyby przesuwnej pionowa żuk = sliding window seal (12 zł)
szyba drzwi prawych prawa tyl żuk = (used) rear-right żuk sliding windows (58 zł)

Sikaflex 221 czarny 300ml klej uszczelniacz = Sikaflex 221 sealant (18,45 zł)
Sikaflex 11FC Uszczelniacz + Klej Biały 300ml = Sikaflex 11FC (white) sealant (34,99 zł)

kosztuje = 793 + 12 + 58 + 19 + 35 = 917 zł = 209 €. Żukventure cost so far = 3936 + 209 = 4145 €

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