LXXX. Żuk in Treadstone

This new TV series is described as an American action drama television series, connected to and based on the Bourne film series.

In the episode S01E09, a FSC Żuk is featured:

The show is fast-paced enough to be watched without too many efforts. But it is generally inconsistent in many accounts, both the main story and contextual details (wrong car registration plates naming in France, car chase starting in front of Versailles castel and going on in the north of Paris intra-muros without even spending one minute in trafic jam, etc). You can consider all of it poetic license but I think espionnage genre is much better when details are historically consistent.

The feature Żuk got the registration plate higher than the standard location but that seems to be common in countries other than Poland – and the scene is set to happen in Budapest:

The featured Żuk also has strange back windows shutters or windows.

It is not the same as the one featured in Das Leben der Anderen. Especially that this one front-right panel, if you pay attention, was oddly fixed:

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