LXXIV. Fixing brakes fluid leak, setting parking brake

Earlier work on brakes involved full change of pipes, rear because they were leaking, front in the context of a larger do-over. Unfortunately, after putting back brake fluid in the circuit, I notice a small leak on the tee that join the pipe coming from the tank to the pipes of each front brakes.

Obvious first move was to make sure the pipes were straight and properly tightened, to no avail. To the point that I started to wonder if the tee and pipe were matching, flare wise.

Because there are actually several possible flares -bubble or double are often found, and are incompatible- and I assumed that only one type would be found on a Żuk.

Soon enough, I found that my tee (trójnik) was of bubble type while my pipes were not. And that both types, same thread (M10x1), existed for the Żuk tee. Worse, I found out that offers on allegro usually warn about this distinction and I did not paid attention. Here’s a comparaison, double on the left, bubble on the right:

Once replaced, no more leaks (for now)! I’ve seen some people advising to put copper grease on the brake line connectors threads to avoid unmounting issues, some people advising not to not to contaminate the fluid; I did, as a test, as anyway I do not think it can contaminate so much the fluid considering the amount that is thrown in and lost during the purges/venting process.

At the same time, I finally fixed the parking brake, which is only about putting 3 nuts in place (14 and 15 below).

According to the manual, the vehicle, on flat surface, should be maintained firm with the hand brake lever in the upper-position, 5 teeth remaining free.

Total cost:

Lublin Żuk trójnik przewodów hamulcowych 10×1 = brake line tee 10×1 (15 zł)
kosztuje = 15 zł = 3.5 € ; Żukventure cost so far = 3667 + 5 = 3672 €

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