LXXI. Żuk with S-21 engine in Automation and BeamNG.drive

Bummer, images were deleted by mistake on this post (and many others). They’ll be, hopefully, uploaded once again later.

Żuk in Spintires was already discussed here, though it is unlikely that the associated engine in this game has anything to do with the real ones (M-20, S-21 or 4C90).

I already tried the mix-Automation/BeamNG.drive to reproduce an akwarium Polonez with engine AB and it gaves interesting result. Obviously, the visual is rubbish because I only pick a similar shape but did not bother to get the exact model and fixtures – that would requires much more time that I thought worth. But the engine characteristics and car behavior seem somehow accurate.

So, in turn, I gave the Żuk a try – same approch, cheesy visual, only focused on the engine and suspension physics. Unfortunately, Automation cannot, at least for know, build diesel engine. So no way to do the 4C90. So I did the S-21 engine, which has almost same power and torque (51,5 kW at 4000 rpm, 150 Nm at 2500 rpm for the S-21 ; 51,5 kW at 4200 rpm, 145 Nm at 2500 rpm for the 4C90).

For the record, the S-21 is an improved version of the M-20 engine, 82 bore x 100 stroke, itself derived from a 6 cylinder 3.6l Chrysler/Dodge shortened by 2 cylinders. It was produced from 1962 to 1993.

So here’s the list of differences between this Automation model and the real vehicle:

  • 51,5 kW at 4200 rpm instead of 4000 rpm; but that would be correct for the 4C90;
  • 145 Nm at 2200 rpm instead of 150 at 2500 rpm;
  • lenght of 2,5 m instead of 2,3;
  • gears spacing for 28/46/71/106 instead of 28/44/71/105;
  • suspension only likely, not exact, since it is too complicated to interpret.

Since Automation is a game in progress, there is not much point to provide savegames that would probably not be compatible with later versions.

The result in BeamNG.drive looks bad but drive as you would expect, so I’d consider this a success and it would be worth making a visually clean model.

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