LXVII. Refreshing Żuk exhaust pipe/silencer

The exhaust was dropped-off the Żuk when removing the A.13 gearbox, here are the pictures already featured in that earlier article:

It is important to note the difference of shape of the exhaust depending on the engine.

There are holes in the original silencer and considering the price of a new one, I won’t bother fixing it. Notice the back mount, it looks like some artisanal weld attachment: the new one comes without:

The middle requires a bit of work too – rust removal, paint. I got a new one, so I don’t have to weld a mount at the silencer exit, but the metal looks lighter (cheaper?) and the flexible part shorter. Did the original flexible part extend over time (it does not looks so flexible) or is the new one supposed to? To replace this, I found that an used Peugeot engine timing belt seems as flexible (not so much, so) and resistant. I’ll try with this, changing it later if I find a more suitable flexible wont be a problem:

The main pipe itself was treated with Restom ® PAC 2030, mixed with hot water for rust removal and then painted with heat-resistant silver paint:

Then, it is just a matter of reassembling the pipes, with a dedicated paste (in my case Bosal 258–501) and putting the whole in place (the middle attachment being having also clamping purpose):

Pay no attention to the proximity with the gearbox support, that’s a work in progress.

Exhaust total costs:

pasta uszczelniająca do tłumików Bosal = Bosal exhaut sealing paste (19,90 zł)
srebrzanka żaroodporna do tłumików 0,8l = 0,8l of exhaust silver coating (36,45 zł)
Żuk diesel tłumik wydechowy nowy = new diesel Żuk exhaust silencer (65 zł)
wieszak tłumika strzemię + wieszak = exhaust mounts/clamp (10 zł)

kosztuje = 19,90 + 36,45 + 65 + 10 = 131 = 30 € ; Żukventure cost so far = 3554 + 30 = 3584 €

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