LXVI. Mounting the TS5-21 gearbox and adjusted drive-shaft

Bummer, images were deleted by mistake on this post (and many others). They’ll be, hopefully, uploaded once again later.

Everything being prepared, it was time to install the new (used) TS5-21 gearbox and the adjusted drive-shaft in the Żuk.

mounting the gearbox

Needing both hands to put back the gearbox, I had no opportunity to make pictures. I thought of using, like previously, the rolling jacking to put the gearbox in place but soon found it to be very unpractical: there is no way to keep the box well balanced, exactly aligned with the bell-housing engine side. You end up doing up ugly movements like this. No, the easiest approach is the peasant one: you put yourself on your back, you take the gearbox on top of you, you slide under the vehicle, then you can quite easily slide the gearbox into the bolts.

Then, it should really slide with no effort to its final position. If not, something is wrong (friction disk in the wrong direction, etc).

Then it is just a matter of putting back the bolts (as always in star progressive order) and reconnecting everything we disconnected: the reverse sensors wires, the speedometer cable, the pedal to fork cable. This is pretty straightforward after you had to disconnect them to remove the previous gearbox. Not to be forgotten is the mass copper large wire that should go from the bolt near the starter to the chassis.

At this stage, the gearbox is supported by a jack (and its connection to the engine).

placing the drive-shaft

The idea is to set the height of the gearbox so the drive shaft get in place as it was before, as much as possible – no angle difference, etc.

There are a strong limits on height: the chassis that need to be at a safe distance for the drive shaft (larger, because of the position of the cardan joint) and the gearbox lever that need enough room to work (and not being affected by engine movements).

Note that the length of the bolt, on the Lublin type flange, prevented me to put there in the original direction (bolt head on the drive shaft side). I’ll have to check if it really matters and if I need to change that.

lever movements

This gearbox placement, as high as possible, limited by said constraints, allows the drive-shaft to be installed in a very similar way as it was before. But it makes the original support completely out of place, with no bushing.

So the idea of using the Żuk original support as to be completely rethought. I noticed that grzmiący rydwan use Lublin parts, I might as well do that. So that will be the subject of another and last article.

In the meantime, I filled the gearbox with oil as discussed in previous article.

To be continued:

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