LXIII. Żuk A07 body blueprints

I still have a hard time finding consistent body blueprints (see here, here and here when I was looking for data regarding interior space). Some blueprints/books have conflicting or confusing values and all the blueprints/3d models I got seems to have some accuracy issues.

So here comes my attempt to provides basic body blueprints. Being based on inaccurate models serving as background, only validated written measures can actually be trusted. The doors width is a perfect example of the problem: it should be the same and it is visibly not.

Żuk A07 side blueprint
Żuk A07 back blueprint

Images are available (along with the .SVG source) on the gitlab repository and will be updated on-the-fly, the goal being to have only validated measures (≈), no approximative deductions (~).

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