LXI. Żuk in 3d computer graphics

Even though Żuk is not an overly famous vehicle, you can nonetheless find 3d models over the web. This topic was already raised in earlier article about Żuk expectable interior space. As advertised by ukZuk, you can have you favorite van in Euro Truck Simulator. Unsurprisingly, same models are also available for Farming Simulator:

Farming Simulator 17

Most models over the Internet will get, besides polish, hungarian or russian/ukrainian plates, as on youtube. Tells something about popularity-area of the vehicle.

There was a lot of funny mods for GTAIV, including proper Polonez “borewicz” or even Caro Atu. There is less choice for GTAV, probably because the main character is not a proper gopnik.

Still, you can get a Żuk in Los Santos:

But, truth be told, GTAV is not practical to mod, it feels like the 90’s with files within libraries to overwrite or edit, possible only with third party editors that works only for this or that patch, etc. Like any Rockstar Game, GTAV has been made for console-players and, as such, is a pain in the ass when you dare straying away from the main path.

Better, there is a Żuk model for Spintires, only one, imperfect, not up to date to the latest version of the game (that made mod setup easier), missing from steam workshop:

Unsurprisingly, because the Żuk can hardly be compared to 4×4 roaming Siberia like the UAZ-452, it is plain that many Spintires mods got more love, that’s a pity:

Besides models made for a specific game, there are some, to be bought, for general purpose, and possibly games, like the 30$ model of Karol Miklas on sketchfab website:

It is expensive, especially for a model that, even though it looks good, is probably not entirely accurate (looks like some details are not 3d per se but textures-play; exhaust misplaced). But 3d modelling takes time, still.

Mariusz Klat made a very good Żuk (and Nysa) 3d model, but not for my model and generation:

So I ended up acquiring hum3d Żuk 75$ model, one that seems quite accurate in general, at least regarding the vehicle body. Yes, it is expensive, especially in regard of the very restrictive license you get. But I was interested in having such an accurate 3d model and found none cheaper; even though I’d contribute to kickstarter project to get a libre model and it might be more lucrative for the 3d artist anyway. Follows a few renders with the colors of mine (but differs since it is a A07 while mine is A06). You’ll notice the inside is not done and the chassis/engine/drive axle etc is just an odd shape, not accurate in any way.

Update: quite accurate, but not entirely. Proportions in height and width are inexact, only for a few centimeters, but that reduce the model usability.

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