LIX. Replacing Żuk flywheel to Lublin-type and installing a new clutch

After the removal of the A13.1 gearbox, next step is to adjust the link between engine and gearbox: replacing the clutch from A13.1/Żuk to Lublin to match TS5-21 gearbox. Even though parts seems similar, they are not the same.

For this part, we need: a (used) Lublin flywheel + new wheel bearing with covers (6203 2RS) and a new Lublin clutch kit composed of friction plate (disc), pressure plate and release bearing.

koło zamachowe = flywheel
łożysko = wheel bearing, release bearing
sprzęgło kpl = clutch kit
tarcza = disc/friction plate
docisk = pressure plate

An article written (in polish) on Le Żuk/grzmiący rydwan describes this task.

We stopped previous step leaving the whole clutch untouched. So we need to remove both the old clutch disc/mechanism and the original flywheel. It does not requires much comments: it is only a matter of removing every bolts.

Since we have a recent model, the clutch bellhousing (engine-side) should be compatible. According to Le Żuk/grzmiący rydwan, it might not be the case with earlier model, you’d need an adapter if your bellhousing does not match this:

obudowa koła zamachowego = bellhousing (engine-side)

Comparing the flywheels, both iron cast, not only there are the obvious clutch attachments that differ, but widths might differ, proportion-wise of the teeth area. But they are otherwise similar, not a big surprise considering they are specific to the 4C90 engine more than to anything else. Obviously, in the process, we lost the benefit of the factory-balancing of the flywheel for the crankshaft of this engine.

Next step is to put in place the Lublin flywheel. First, I changed its 6203 2RS wheel bearing:

Then I put it back in place. You have slide it inside the bellhousing standing straight, otherwise it’ll block halfway. Once in place, to attach it back, we need: thread-locking fluid (some people recommend strong strength, I decided not to overdo it and use medium), a torque wrench (that can at least do 140 N.m) and something to lock the flywheel in place. I tend not to use enough torque wrench in general but considering what is a flywheel (mass keeping the engine in motion and balancing crankshaft), it is mandatory.

Once ready, the thin-plate in place, the flywheel blocked, you can put by hand all the bolts back, obviously after applying the thread-locking fluid. It is important that everything is as much balanced as possible: so proceed with the order of bolts as a star, and advance progressively with each of them. Start by hand and finish with the torque wrench set to something between 127,5 and 136 N·m (table 8.2 from BEN) – I set it to 130 N·m so I should be well within margin, no matter how imprecise might be my wrench.

Then, the last part is to put back the clutch friction plate and the clutch pressure plate (30 N·m for the bolts attaching it to the flywheel). I don’t have many pictures to provide, my phone was out of battery, but really there is nothing complicated. You just need to make sure the friction plate is in the right direction and well centered, otherwise it will be impossible to switch gears/to insert the gearbox in place. Usually car manufacturer design tools for this purpose but, really, it is not rocket science, the only matter is that the friction plate is not blocking the gearbox shaft, you can adjust its position with a screwdriver.

How do we know the friction plate is in the right direction, especially on this model that got, unlike Luks, no explicit indication? Actually, the writings (reference number, production) are on the face that is visible when mounted on the flywheel.

Update: the link from clutch pedal to the gearbox fork looked bad (as described earlier) so this was also changed. The new replacement seems a bit cheaper, the cabin end not being all metal but partly plastic:

Expenses for this step are:

Lublin 2.4d koło zamachowe = (used) Lublin flywheel (50 zł)
6203 2RS łożysko = 6203 2RS wheel bearing (12 zł)
Lublin sprzęgło kpl = Lublin clutch kit (399 zł)
Linka sprzęgła linex = Linex clutch cable (24 zł)

kosztuje = 50 + 12 + 399 + 24 = 485 zł = 113 € ; Żukventure cost so far = 3028 + 113 = 3141 €

Further progress will be in next articles

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