LVIII. Removing Żuk A13.1 gearbox

Bummer, images were deleted by mistake on this post (and many others). They’ll be, hopefully, uploaded once again later.

First item on the Żuk to Lublin transmission todo-list is the removal the gearbox, which obviously mean dropping off the drive shaft and, less obviously, the exhaust pipe.

The whole procedure is described by Kazik blog (in polish).

I even used the same lift described in this article, which is a bit more convenient than a regular lift, since you can go up and down, right and left, back and forth.

podnośnik pneumatyczny = pneumatic lift


To free the gearbox, it is necessary to first remove the drive-shaft. It’ll require to be worked on anyway. Mine is the split version

split drive-shaft (BEN 3.21 Figure)
but it is possible to have an single shaft version 702, 02:08

On both ends it is tied by 4 bolts, plus in the middle, it is attached to the chassis with a specific mount with wheel bearings. It is easiest to start by the end, connected to the drive axle, since this part is dual part.

wał napędowy = drive-shaft

Exhaust pipe

You might not think necessary to remove first the exhaust pipe. That’s what I thought. I read Kazik Blog that describe the whole gearbox removal process, in which the author stress the fact that he tried to remove the gearbox without touching exhaust and that he was forced to in the end. So, I naturally also tried the gearbox removal without touching the exhaust to find out that, yes, the gearbox won’t go off if you don’t, you’ll miss a couple of centimetres.

So it is suggested to directly remove the exhaust now. But I know how tempting it is to try to find by ourselves later how mandatory it is.

Note that if you do not have 4C90, your exhaust line is likely to be of different shape. But, as far I understand, it does not change the way it is attached to the exhaust collector.

rura wydechowa = exhaust pipe
tłumik wydechu = exhaust silencer

Gearbox itself

Finally, we can remove the gearbox itself. Which means first disconnecting a few things: the shift lever; the reverse sensor wire; the speedometer cable; the cable linked the clutch pedal to the clutch throw-out fork.

skrzynia biegów = gearbox
łapa sprzęgła = throw-out fork
linkę prędkościomierza = speedometer cable
dźwignia zmiany biegów = shift lever
czujnik cofania = reverse sensor

I tried to save my link from the clutch pedal to the fork but it looked torn to begin with and the whole removal process did not help, since the thread was completely dead by rust. I think I’ll have to change this cable just to be safe.

Next is the removal of the gearbox side attachments themselves.

Finally, all that is left is to remove each nut around of the clutch bellhousing (8 in total) and progressively slide the gearbox out (along the bots that had the nuts), keeping it properly balanced on the pneumatic lift (it surely lack pictures, for this, you need both your hands).

obudowa sprzęgła = bellhousing

That is all I can think of. Further progress will be in next articles:

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