LI. Anti-gravel/soundproofing Żuk’s lower body with Restom®Insonor 6030/Dinitrol 447

I was unsure about anti-gravel/soundproofind. Said to work marvels in the past, then later described as terrible crap preventing you from noticing issues, I knew at least I would not be in the worse case scenario: product applied to hide existing rust that would continue to chomp the metal unseen.

Originally, lower body panels and chassis should have such product applied:

Bitex or Cyklokor

Tectyl-Chassiss (TL121 Export)


Country, producer

Sp-nia pracy ,,Chemia” Olesin

Switzerland, company Valvoline

Sweden, company Astra Tikamin

Characteristics of the coating

black, elastic, rubberized does not retain mud

dark brown, semi-hard and elastic

black, semi-hard elastic

Flash point (°C)



min. 41

Coat thickness after one application (µm)

min. 300



Drying time (h)




Capacity (m2/kg)




White spirit washability




Period of protection (months)

12 months or 15…20 thousand km*



* The value previously achieved is taken into account.


To be clear, applying anti-gravel/soundproofing on the chassis itself would imply adding one more layer of paint, since it would not match my RAL 9010 white chassis. Yeah, there are drawbacks on saving cash by reusing for the chassis paint planned for the body.

Anyway, I think it is not a drama to have the chassis with no extra layer, it might be easier to work on or, if only, to monitor. But if I notice that it get trashed too fast due to gravel, I’ll reconsider.

So I decided that only lower body panels and engine bay would get anti-gravel/soundproofing, with no extra paint layer.

I should have done it immediately after the body paint, it would have save me some masking tape.

Nonetheless, here we go, I obtained 2 cans of 1l of Restom®Insonor 6030: I thought it would be enough for all the relevant areas but, in the end, I had to add in the mix an extra can of 1l of Dinitrol 447 (too much delay to get Restom stuff delivered on a whim), that seem very similar, even though a cheaper of a few euros (11 instead of 18).

To apply the product easily, you need some air gun (4/6 bars) that match the type of bottle these products are packaged in. You can also use a brush but you will need much more product and the result wont have the same finish.

I assume that if I wanted to do the chassis too, one more litre would not be too much.

I had some issue though, on one place the product had a bad reaction to the paint (forcing me to remove the product and repaint it), on the left item on the following picture. I have  no explanation since it the same paint and product as everywhere else. Only thing that comes to my mind it that I started this part after the gun was earlier in the day cleaned with aceton (the product to be used to clean the tools after applying this kind of product), so watch out for remaining aceton.


 konserwacja karoserii = antigravel/soundproofing product

+ kosztuje = 48 €  (Insonor) + 48 zł (447) = 59 € ; Żukventure cost so far = 2297 + 59 = 2356 €


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