L. Żuk manual in English – budowa eksploatacja naprawa

I have a couple of books regarding Żuk (Żuk budowa eksploatacja naprawa and Żuk autoryzowana instrukcja napraw) none in English or French, so my limited Polish language skills are, at times, an issue. There is no such extensive documentation available in English or French with that I am aware of.

But OCR and translation technology -machine learning at large- is making interesting steps these days. So I submitted Żuk budowa eksploatacja naprawa to such technology and it produced a result that I think helpful to share.

Obviously, it is far from perfection: many technical terms and notion are translated in a clunky way, while at the same time some specific polish characters were unproperly identified by OCR. So if anything looks funny, it should be considered as a likely mistake and cross-checked against the reference original manual.

Also, it is uncomplete, the whole process takes times because tools are independent from each other (ie: not properly bound) so, to save time, I skipped parts of no interest to me (mainly regarding CB engine and fire-fighting version specifics)

So there is room for improvement: already noticed odd translations are marked in yellow; untranslated items are marked in orange; incomplete or clearly erroneous items are marked in red. You are welcome to contribute by either posting a comment on this post or open an issue on the gitlab issue tracker.

Finally, I’d like to point out that I consider this work as fair-use: free, not only educational about a popular but nonetheless uncommon vehicle, it is a useful manual covering road safety, no longer being sold as new and worth next to nothing as used book (20 PLN last time I checked). Nonetheless, were the original authors/publishers to release an English version of the manual, or a similar one, we would obviously consider discarding this project.

if_Downloads_Library_81953 Download here the most recent PDF version.

Among interesting nuggets, it is clearly said (chapter 8.3.2) that the 4C90 engine should not even be started by pushing/pulling it, so forget about the hand crack notion I was contemplating earlier.

Along are also collected useful reference docs like parts catalogs (ŻUK Katalog części zamiennych, Lublin 3 Katalog części zamiennych, etc)

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