XLI. Refreshing Żuk’s anti-roll bar

As said in previous post, Żuk’s suspension is independent on the front with helical springs (to each wheel an independent arm). This kind of springs often comes with an anti-roll bar, Żuk is no exception.p233-schema-barre_stabilisatrice.png

An anti-roll bar is quite simple so there are not so many parts involved. In theory, you could replace only the rubber parts. But the side rods can be bought cheap, tend to get very rusted and likely distorted, so it is easy to change everything but parts 12 and 8.


Parts can be bought in set, so it actually only require two 7 rubber bushings (tulejka drążka stabilizatora) and two rods (łącznik stabilizatora).

As always, I started by making pictures of the current setup – mostly to identify the part location within the whole vehicule.


I am not sure there is a specific order to unmount the whole. I just cut the side rods with an angle grinder – too rusty to bother doing otherwise.

Then I cleaned the bar, added the new rods and protected the whole with layers of antirust and black paint.


Once satisfied, I put back the whole in place. It was even easier than unmounting since, in the meantime, I removed the direction bars. Note however than to put back the bar, you need first to attach the side rods and then, finally, the main bar, since it is much easier to pull on the bar than on the rods.


+ kosztuje = 74 zł = 18 € ; Żukventure cost so far = 2129 + 18 = 2147 €

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