XXXVII. Remounting Żuk’s side sliding windows

Żuk’s Sliding windows come in a frame. Original sliding windows inside seals (vertical between the two glasses and circular that keep windows in place with the frame) are still looking good, so we changed only the external seal of the frame (72 zł x 3  from, the one in contact with the vehicule body.

There is nothing very complicated about mounting these frames. This is how looks like the relevant seal areas of contact with the window frame (black rectangle) and vehicule body:

Bez nazwy

A. Rope in yellow area

First you have to pass a small smooth cord (ideally a bit greasy) in the yellow area. It will be used afterward to easily pull out the seal so it goes around the body shell.


B. Seal (red area) around the frame

Once done, you have to put the new seal around the frame, that is the red area. It is important it is stretched as much as possible, otherwise there will be gaps on the border of the joint, especially in corners.  I used some joint polyurethane paste to ease the process.

Full disclosure, on a first attempt, we did not stretch enough the seal. That’s the  unsatisfactory no-go result, with gaps at the corners:


So I cannot stress enough how important is to properly stretch the seal around the frame; you’ll want a second pair of hands to do so.

C. Frame and seal (cyan area) within the body shell

Properly stretched, the windows can now be placed within the body shell: the cyan area get in contact.

D. Seal (yellow area) cover the body shell

Then you’ll gently pull the cord in the yellow area so the seal cover the body shell – do not forget to prevent the rope from getting out on the opposite side. It can help to make circular mouvements while pulling.


With new seals this method works like a charm, it is set in a couple of minutes. I tried reusing an old seal, it got easily cut by the rope many times, not recommended. I could not remember in which episode, but Edd China demonstrates it in some Wheelers Dealers episodes.

uszczelka ramki okna żuk zewnętrzna (długość 2,45mb) = outer seal of the window frame (lenght)

+ kosztuje = 72 x 3 zł = 216 zł = 51 € ; Żukventure cost so far = 1896 + 51 = 1947  €

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