XXIX. Żuk identification plate

If for any reason you need to replace the Żuk identification plate (could be mandatory depending on type of registrations and countries), check PanRolnik.pl shop.

They provide different identification plates models for many brands (Polski Fiat, GAZ, Łada WAZ, DKW, NSU, Mikrus, Škoda, Tatra, Trabant, Wartburg, etc) and models. It is done in a decent delay, Pan Rolnik can even give you advices in english if need be.


The empty plate is 50 zł, the engraving 38 zł.

(pusta) tabliczka znaminowa = (empty) identification plate

+ kosztuje = 88 zł = 21 € ; Żukventure cost so far = 1212 + 21 = 1233  €


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