XXII. stripping Żuk A06 naked

Removing everything from the body helps to assess the real state of the vehicule. The process is quite straight forward. I just made some pictures to remember how things were.

For the record:

  • I found that under the carpets on the front cabin, there is some kind of humidity. I’ll consider not putting anything back on top of the paint in some places.
  • The floor on the front cabin also got some sort of cracked plastic cover (to reduce noise, I assume). I removed it all since I want direct view on the metal – noise issue will be handled later.

Holes to fix

There are a few holes and some welding will be required.

None of it is at important places, I am confident I can fix those by myself.

Parts to replace

Some parts will just to be replaced, they are not worth being fixed.

Here a a few random ones that are not overly important and should not be hard to find:IMG_20160816_201503.jpg

The bottom bar, on which is attached the lower back door and fog/backward light, also got a hole on the left. Nothing major. But it is attached by bolts so the replacement is straighforward and the price for a new one was only 175 zł.

+ kosztuje = 175 zł = 41 €.

pas tylny / beka tylna = back bar

The mudguards have to go, overchomped by rust. On the rear, they are strangely weld (I mean: I’m sure I could weld better than that) where they should not be. Looks like a dirty fix.


I ordered the full set new: 30 zł x 2 (attachement rear), 20 zł x 2 (attachement front) + 6 zł x 4 (mud flap). I am not sure exactly about the replacement, how they adjust, but at this price I do not care.

+ kosztuje = 124 zł = 29 €.

chlapacz = mud flap; wspornik chlapacza =  mud flaps support.


The sort of handle that goes inside the batteries circuit breaker is broken. It does not prevent it to work, it just makes it a bit woobly.


+ kosztuje = 20 zł = 5 €

odłącznik wyłącznik prądu = circuit breaker

Parts possibly worth fixing

Some parts are a bit more expensive so it makes sense to evaluate if they can be fixed – and if doing so would make them as good as new.

The radiator for instance is sold from 400 zł (good state used) to 800 zł (new), so in the range of 90 to 200 €. From a distance, mine look ok. But one part is detached and I am not sure it can be cleanly fixed.

The engine/chassis/suspension remains in place, the vehicule can still be started.

kosztuje = 75 ; Żukventure cost so far = 1049 + 75 = 1124 €

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