XIX. Fiat Giallo Tuffo, FSO Warszawa, etc, at Motoclassic Wrocław 2016

I could not pass the opportunity to check on Motoclassic Wrocław 2016, being in town for the period. I was quite satisfied with the amount of vehicules presented, especially since there was a lot we do not see usually in Western Europe.

Some where hidden the bushes at the entrance (probably Wartburg 1000 and ZSD Nysa Nx):

There was a Giallo Tuffo Fiat 126p, with green seats:

… among other maluchy (including a nice Group 2 – but I did not see the engine running):

There were various other Fiat, logical due to FSO/Fiat history here. There were many 125p, including one that I suspect to be chagall blue (see previous post about paint) ; a 127; a Fiat 133, model that I never seen before; few Fiat 500 and a spotless Fiat 600.

There was not many Żuków: two. An A07 quite recent, featured in Złombol, and an old A15:

There was many  more ZSD Nysa:

Quite many VW combi/transporter, but none with a smashing  camper design:


There was also, and that is more on-topic, a decent amount of FSO Warszawa, for instance the following space wagon where the common trunk with the Żuk is quite obvious:

Follows random others (Trabant 600, Polonez 2000, Autobianchi A112 Abarth, NSU-Fiat 1000 ?):

I made a number of other photos with a camera from which I cannot transfer data for now (missing specific cable), mostly of military vehicules (strangely enough, mostly US/GB whereas I expected to find USSR/German stuff; there was a nice Kettenkrad, though).

Update : Here are the next batch of pictures: more FSO/Polski Fiat, neat FSO Syrena, polish Mikrus MR-300, Mercedes-Benz Heckflosse (memorable stock car from On Her Majesty’s Service), polish motorcycle Sokoł 1000, BMW 3/15 (DA 2?), NSU Kettenkrad (Kleines Kettenkraftrad HK 101 – SdKfz 2), Lanz Bulldog (clone?), czech Aero (model ignored, I wish I had paid attention to that!) and, finally polish scooter WFM Osa.

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