XVI. Żuk wooden floor removal

After removing rear wheels, to get a best overview of the chassis, it makes sense to remove the wooden floor. And it’ll give access to brake pipes, etc.

In the process, I confirmed that parts that hold mudguards need complete replacement. We are talking about small bent panels of metal, that should not be an issue:

The floor itself is actually in a decent state. However, not a single bolt/nut/etc isn’t dead by rust. The area is heavily exposed (under the vehicule with no protection whatsoever) and nuts/bolts hardware quality is questionable. Most bolts/nuts/screws broke and had to be cut.


Add to that nails here and there and you get a floor that cannot be removed without sacrificing it partly. The nail disposition might not be factory. It almost look as if the floor could be split in two parts and removed by separating one from the other. But that would not even work because until you can at least separate one plank from the others, there is no way to move anything in any direction.

So I proceeded further and actually sacrificed one plank… and then another.


After all, the Żuk workshop being actually a carpentry, my father-in-law having the tools and knowledge to replicate the floor to a new one, there is no point in making a fuss to preserve the current one that suffered anyway from all the ugly rusted destroyed nails/bolts/etc within.


The old one -marked accordingly (aside from that, I add, to any part removed, a tape that mention where it belongs)- will just serve as template.


Note: most of bolts/etc are 14 or 11.

3 thoughts on “XVI. Żuk wooden floor removal

  1. cześć czym kryłeś ścianę grodziową i boczne ściany? wygląda to jak wykładzina dywanowa czy piana poliuretan ?


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