VI. more about Żuk expectable interior space

My previous post about Żuk dimensions is a bit chaotic. I ended up with 2094 max height while plans say it should be 2180 or 2200. Consider the following:

See the dilemma? Ok, height might differ. Might… 2180 vs 2200 for the driver cabin? But how come the wheel setup changes from 1365 to 1368? The Wikipedia pages state szerokość (width) goes from 1820 to 1875 mm, but I doubt it means that the main front part changed width, so until I get better blueprints, I’m stuck to approximate, to say the least. Nonetheless, the following should shed some light about what could be expected.


With the previous estimate, we had 1511 max interior height. Here, it is 1589, so I guess it lies in between, which is not bad as we already said (for the record: Renault Trafic L1H1 = 1387 ; VW Combi = 1400 ; see previous post). Obviously, lots of people tend to pick van with much higher ceiling (Renault Trafic LxH2, etc) so they can stand up. I think I’m fine with the drawbacks low ceiling, if I want to stand up, I’d go outside; I’d rather keep it small, simple and easy to move around.

So, how does it compares, szerokość-wise?


By comparison to this not so new, not so old, VW Combi, first we can say that windows are much smaller. I consider it a benefit, since that is probably the main problem regarding thermal insulation.

On the base on the Żuk roof, we have ~1500. It looks like it compares to the VW Combi, even though its square design probably mean it not anywhere near the 1590 of the bottom area of the Combi.


It is still compares decently, provided Żuk side panels aren’t overly large. Real factory blueprints would really be handy.

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