V. Żuk expectable interior space

I had quite a hard time, so far, to find proper data/blueprints regarding Żuk exact dimensions. I more or less ended up with the following:

I gives clues but it lacks a lot. I also checked on 3d models available over the web. First one seems very accurate but sold 75$, a bit too much for my needs. Second may not be as neat but has the merit of immediate availability.

Still, that’s not overly practical to get a notion of dimensions. So I did some LibreCAD dirty hack to end up with the following:


Just the max height (2094 instead of at least 2180) gives a notion of how inaccurate this is. I’ll improve it if I come up with better data, which should be, I hope, possible. Still, it is enough for me to picture a bit better how much space I can count on. And, by comparison to basic Renault Trafic van, is is not that bad: not much longer than a L1H1 but the ceiling is definitely higher, even though not that high to walk in there on high heels.


Obviously, people making camper vans out of Renault Trafic tends to go for the L2H2 size, with much higher ceiling. But the Żuk compares well to (ie : beat in height) WV Combi:


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