IV. the third Żukquisition failure

New day, new offer of an Andoria Żuk, but a much more expensive : 5500 zł, 1243 €.

This Żuk is blue, which is perfect with painting plans exposed in earlier post, which then could be kept to mimimal: white roof and bumpers. The pictures were made under the rain, so it is obvious that it hides scratches and makes the color looks brighter but it looks fair nonetheless.

There is no telltale signs of rust where they get it all the times (under doors, etc). It is said it was garażowany and it actually probably was.

The front suspension, said to be weak on Żuk, was redone too, along with brake. Good.

The roof is also strangely shaped. I’d be curious whether the original vehicule color is blue and why is there two spots for rotating beacons. That plus the relevant buttons inside.

I agreed to pay it 5000 zł, + 1550 zł to get it shipped to Dolnośląskie Because that’s the trick: the seller is in Podkarpackie, near ukrainian border. It is easy to get cheaper  Żuk but I want to trust this is good offer and do not want to loose it to save a few euros.

With minimal body paint work, it could look like:zukA062PAINT

The transport was booked. But the seller sold it to someone else nonetheless. I’ll remember this Zbigniew from Polańczyk on OLX – quite astonishingly unreliable and rude.

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