III. S-21 or 4C90 “Andoria”?

So far, I was looking for an Andoria 2.4l 4C90 engine based Żuk: recent, as fitted since 1991, and diesel with 7L/100km consumption instead of 14L/100km for the 2.1l S-21.

S-21 itself is an improvement of the M-20, original engine of the FSO Warszawa, basis of both FSC Żuk and ZSD Nysa van. So we are talking about quite an old design.

Żuk A 03 ’58 Żuk A11B ’76 Żuk A 07 ’91
Total lenght (Długość całkowita): 4310 mm 4400 mm 4400 mm
Engine (Silnik): M-20 S-21 4C90
Cylinders (Liczba cylindrów): 4 4 4
Układ rozrządu: SV OHV SOHC
Displacement (Pojemność skokowa): 2120 cm³ 2120 cm³ 2417 cm³
Maximum power (Moc maksymalna): 54 KM 70 KM 70 KM
Maximum torque (Moment maks.): 122 Nm/2200 rpm. 150 Nm/2500 rpm. 146 Nm/2500 rpm.
Fuel consumption (Zużycie paliwa): 14 l/100 km 14 l/100 km 7 l/100 km
Maximum speed (Prędkość maksymalna): 90 km/h 100 km/h 95 km/h
Pow. skrzyni ładunkowej: 4 m² 4,6 m² 4 m²
Ładowność: 800 kg 950 kg 900 kg
Masa własna: 1340 kg 1400 kg 1400 kg
Number of gears (Liczba biegów): 3+1 3+1 4+1

Clearly, an M-20 based  Żuk  is not an option: no power (54 bhp), not much torque and mad fuel consumption.

However S-21 is said to be reliable, easy to maintain and fix. The fuel consumption is a no-go, obviously, but a fair amount of Żuk are fitted with LPG system. That could be a valid alternative to a 4C90.

A 4C90 being diesel SOHC, Single OverHead Camshaft, requires, by principle, less attention than petrol OVH, OverHead Valve (no ignition/timing issue, etc).




2 thoughts on “III. S-21 or 4C90 “Andoria”?

  1. Great to see someone else has gone through engine alternatives! This engine is stunning. I only hope after my conversion and testing, I can re-assemble to make my engine as clean as this! Congrats. Do you have pictures fitted also?


  2. Ahem Andy, this video is not mine. It was made before I even bought my Żuk. For now, I am still at the prepare-for-paint step. Engine tuning will come later.


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