II. the second Żukquisition failure

There arent many offers. It is not like buying a Maluch. There is only one single offer for a Andoria powered Żuk posted a few days after the fail of the first  Żukquisition.

This new offer is cheaper, 3 300 zł, 751 €, but there is a reason for that:

Yeah. Not only the paint is non-standard but even looks not really properly done (good sample under the driver seat). And no one knows what kind of shit hide this paint and why was it necessary for a vehicule not so old.

It is a 1997 model. Another odd thing is that it said to have an Andoria 4C90 of 2120 cm3, which is impossible, so the seller does not seem to know exactly what he is selling. The handbrake is said not to function well too.

be702150494dc1d6medŻuk was common as policja vehicule. I already drive a green maluch. So if I were to buy this one, I would probably repaint it like this :


So how did it end? The seller is far far away (near Ukraine) and really give no real valid indication about the vehicule road worthiness. He mention so issue with the handbrake and in a hurry to sell it. Too much trouble, despite the cool zebra chairs covers.

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