I. the Żukquisition failure

That’s how it started. Or not.

I was amazed by the prices of a VW Combi van or, even, Fiat 800T, and at the same time interested by the notion of making out of a van a simple camper van.

So I got into the notion of acquiring a FSC Żuk (ż pronunciated j), a van made by Fabryka Samochodów Ciężarowych w Lublinie from 1959 to 1998. Not really because that is the nicest ever but because it is simple and still sold with prices that matches this simplicity.

So I looked for one in an acceptable state in Poland, excluding any model prior to 1991, since previous models were not fitted with the low fuel consumption 2.4 diesel 4C90 Andoria engine.

Soon  enough, I found the following, initially sold for 4 600 zł (~1000 €):

Great solid base to make a camper van, despite my wife claiming: it won’t ever be a camper van but just a Żuk.

End of the story: someone else bought before I could put my hands on it!

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